Natasha Kinsella FIHI, conducted research as part of an MA, in Ed to investigate the potential of an online interactive programme called “Tourism Insight” could effectively run nationally to inform and influence potential career choice for learners toward the sector.

As part of the research piloted modules were developed amongst schools in Kerry, Dublin and Shannon, involving both transition year students and their teachers (38 transition year students and 8 Guidance Counsellors).


VARK learning style module (Fleming 2006)

The outcome of this research has provided extremely positive results in terms of the need for such a programme which not only facilitates the learning of all students in a new way but assists and informs teachers and parents about the career opportunities that exists.

Some key outcomes of the research was 100% of students stated they were more informed about career options, more importantly 89% students said they would complete a placement in the sector given the opportunity to do so as part of Transition Year and, following the pilot, 79% stated they would consider the sector as a career choice. Comments from guidance counsellors noted the programme as an excellent teaching resource giving real purpose and clarity about the sector that could be replicated in other sectors.

We would like to thank all the schools that participated within the research which allowed all their input to be implemented with the programme to ensure its success.

For more details specific to the research outcomes please contact

Natasha Kinsella .